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Proprietary Databases, A Necessary Investigative Tool

Attorneys and insurance professionals need a private investigator that has access to a variety of proprietary databases. And they need an investigator that knows how to use them to conduct thorough preliminary background and social media investigations. Using these databases, effectively, are a necessary starting point in any difficult locate or complex investigation.

My agency utilizes and cross-references some of the top proprietary databases during the preliminary phase of an investigation. This process is an invaluable tool that helps locate and dig up information on parties to litigation, witnesses, claimants, insureds, or other persons of interest. And tools such as social media monitoring and vehicle sighting searches help locate those hard-to-find individuals.

It’s hard to imagine an investigator not having these databases at their disposal. Knowing how to use these tools and resources is more thorough, efficient, and cost-effective then just using the old-school gumshoe methods.

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